John K. Wilson III
Coldwell Banker Realty

Buying a home in the Temecula Valley?

Remember when a Realtor was just a Realtor? Those were the good ole days, but nobody wants a general Realtor anymore. Times have changed. In my 14+ years I’ve learned that what you want is “just right” and “perfect” for you. Right?

Buying a home in in the Temecula Valley, whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced investor is a complex financial transaction (all those forms and signatures!) and you want the one that is “just right” and “perfect” for you.

Without the right representation you risk losing out on the best deal, paying more than needed, or losing the home of your dreams all together.

A lot of real estate agents put their interest in your home purchase in their commission.  When you buy a home in the Temecula Valley my focus and emphasis is more on you than on my commission. Obviously, commission is how I make my living but I earn my commission through my “Temecula Valley Home Buyers Concierge Program™. “ My program is about providing you with the best experience in buying a home in the Temecula Valley.

Temecula Valley Home Buyers Concierge Program

  • Service is FREE, the seller pays the Commission
  • On Time, Available and Responsive
  • Full Service / Full Time
  • Pickup and Drop off Service Available (Airport, Hotel or Home)
  • In depth Personal Preference Discovery
  • VIP Home Finder
  • Customized agent scrubbed listings sent to you personally (not a machine)
  • Knowledge of Off Market Opportunities
  • In Depth Area Knowledge of Attractions
  • Discreet, Confidential and Private Showings
  • Personalized and Detailed Showing Itinerary
  • Financing Options
  • School Locator Services
  • Purchase Price or Offer Guidance and Assistance
  • Master Experienced Negotiator
  • Present at all Inspections
  • Utilities Activation Assistance
  • Finders Fee for your Referrals